Project 52 – Week 1: Blank Slate

Happy New Year! I cant wait to see where this year takes The Hoof & Hound Photographer. I have some exciting things lined up however, and feel like there will be a lot more variety in my work!

The first blog circle of the year and it’s a full one!

This week the theme is blank slate, so we got to choose what we did. The weather has been very dismal here so I didn’t get chance to go and bribe our dog for being a model – he isn’t a fan of winter!

Although not pets, I feel as though I can take advantage of the theme as I would love to branch out into more nature photos! For the past few weeks we have had a couple of Pheasants visiting the garden, they come each year which is always lovely! Yesterday (Thursday) they brought a female with them, but I decided to leave photos as she was looking very nervous!

Taking photos of these guys is quite difficult as I’m crouched on the floor peeking through the cat flap!




I hope you have enjoyed looking at this handsome bird!

Take a look at what Tara Sutherland | Boutique Pet Photography in New Zealand has come up with and carry on round the circle 🙂

Until next time!


26 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 1: Blank Slate

  1. Birds are my second most favourite thing to photograph and my go to for any and all practice skill wise. Pheasants are such pretty birds!


  2. How exciting that you you have pheasants visiting you. We don’t get anything quite so exotic around here. I must confess I laughed at the visual of you crouched down shooting through the cat flap.


  3. These look amazing! The colors are amazing, especially if it was a dismal day. So warm and bright! Also the image of you taking them through the catflap is hilarious, I love hearing about the tricks behind the lens that helped get a special shot.


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