Project 52- Week 2: Rule of Thirds

Welcome to week 2! We’ve had hints of sun!

This week we are concentrating on the ‘rule of thirds’. Rather than having the subject dead centre of the frame, you can use the rule of thirds to enhance your composition and make your photo more ‘visually pleasing’. Many cameras come with the grid on the lcd screen to help!ย  Another way to do it is in post processing when cropping, but like everything, it helps to get in right in camera first!

Our model here is Prince, the most camera loving cat I have ever had. He knows when he needs to work and if I point at a spot he’ll go there for me! This time was on an old hutch. I needed to position him and myself where I could use the rule of thirds but also not have a too distracting background. These are very minimally cropped, maybe only so that the eye is on the intersections of the grid! I usually like to have my subject on the left hand side of the frame but you work with what you have!ย  You can see here though how I feel left looks more ‘right’! IMG_0365





It helps that my eyes are drawn to Prince however he is placed ๐Ÿ™‚

Next up on the large circle this week, we have Ashley Siemon Photography, serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

0 thoughts on “Project 52- Week 2: Rule of Thirds

  1. Such lovely images of beautiful Prince! I imagine that he’s very kind. Thanks for sharing such great examples of the rule of thirds.

  2. This golden light is just stunning! Beautiful images! The last one is my favorite – the eye along with that DOF = perfection! Great examples of the “rule of thirds”.

  3. I am drawn to severely cropped photos like your last photo. I just love it. Beautiful kitty. You did a wonderful job with this.

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