Project 52 – Week 5: Depth of Field

Welcome back to the weekly blog circle!

It’s a quick one from me this week as I can’t see properly – apologies as the photos haven’t even been edited nicely.

I’ll let the images do the talking, but we’re concentrating on depth of field this week, which simply put is how much of your image is in focus. The main way to adjust your DoF is by changing your aperture. In these next photos I placed the cats somewhere cluttered that I could use to explain. Using a large aperture firstly, then a smaller one you can see how the background becomes less and more distracting. I stayed in the same spot for both.

Nice blurred background

I like shallow DoF mostly but that can have its problems as sometimes you can’t get all the subject in focus and it’s much easier to miss!

You can also use DoF for telling a story, or bringing the viewers attention to something.

For more examples of Depth of Field head on over to Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography, fetching family portraits in Coppell, Texas and surrounding cities in the Dallas – Fort Worth area

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