Project 52 – Week 6: Fantasy

It’s fantasy week here at the blog circle!

I’ve had to cheat this time as I had taken the photos but couldn’t do anything with them, and I’m trying to keep from looking at the computer too long! However, I reworked an image I made last year, and although may not be quite to the theme, I think it’s very cute!

Here’s Oliver, my first ever ferret. I now have 6, but in 2012 I got the opportunity to take this chap home and it’s been a blast ever since. He’s getting on now so I want to include him at least once!


It’s also been a cold week here so felt like a warm image might help cheer things up a bit. The other photo’s I had taken had a blue theme as they were going to feature this stunning boy!



I’m sure the rest of the blog circle have come up with some very interesting images, start off with Darlene with Pant the Town Pet Photography serving MA and NH


0 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 6: Fantasy

  1. You’re the first person I’ve heard that have/had a ferret. We used to have one, Bean. He was such a sweet boy.

  2. Oh my, a kindred spirit. They are quite the characters. I used to have 8 ferrets (8 free roaming ferrets to be precise, two dogs and a cat – I know, I know). They have all gone, one by one with the exception of Luna the Tuna, as we affectionately call our cat, to the rainbow bridge. Your photo immediately brought a smile to my face. What a sweet photo.

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