Project 52 – Week 18: Colourful

Having missed a few weeks due to admin work, I’m glad to be back in the blog circle. We jump  back into the theme ‘Colourful’ and finally we’re seeing some colour here up in the North West of England. With the way the weather has been treating us, Winter seems to have stayed forever but the flowers are starting to realise it’s Spring.


Although taking their time, Bluebells are starting to sprout up! I loved the warmth here, and although not popping with colour, the purple gives us a hint of what is to come.


I’m going to cheat a little bit and post one from just a few days before this week and it was quite colourful! And by that I mean, it had more than two colours!



On Monday I had a session with little Freddie. He’s the perfect size for flowers and we managed to get more colour with him!



Now the sun has decided to go away and we’re left with clouds and a threat of rain.  It was dull when I got chance to take this but wanted the purples and greens to be the colours and tried to go for a vibrant feel!



Next weeks blog should be full to the brim as we display back-lit photos, which funnily enough, I have been practicing with recently, as shown here in this final colourful photo.



Read the next blog from Lynda Mowat from Heartstrings Photography, based in Hamilton New Zealand and see how she tackled this weeks theme.

4 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 18: Colourful

  1. I had to laugh when you said the photo was colorful… meaning it had more than 2 colors. I can relate. If I don’t seek out color, my photos are green and brown!


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