Project 52 – Week 19: Backlight

What a fantastic theme this week! We’ve had the perfect weather for it recently as we had a mini heatwave this weekend, just in time for the Bank Holiday.

We kick off on Saturday. In the morning we met up with Wolfie. Most photos were the sun behind me as we would usually shoot, but for this photo we placed him between me and the sun.  The sun wasn’t at the best angle for backlighting as were were in early afternoon but read on to see how the angle of the sun changes the backlighting results!


Saturday evening, a friend allowed me to take her brother’s dog out for some photos. It was late evening, around 7/8pm and living in a valley the sun seems to hide behind the hills quite quickly, to remedy this we went to a high hill. Those who have been following the blog for a while, or those who know me, know my thoughts on sheep. (A week or two before I had got stuck outside of the very field we were in as they had just moved sheep into it. I had walked through it fine, but coming back home, they were just moving and I had to call this friend to pick me up otherwise I couldn’t have got home!)

We managed though! The sheep had moved to the other end of the field and we were able to use the space I wanted. I looked around and saw the tree. I knew this would give some great light and asked Emma to place Benji in front.



By this point we were on our way back home and Benji was keen to get there. He got a quick cuddle before carrying on!


Sadly that’s all for this week but I will leave you with a few favourites from a few weeks ago!


Shooting into the source of light often gives you a silhouette.



Here Spud was in between me and the setting sun and it gave off a lovely hazy feel.



Backlighting gives some lovely results, but it’s often quite hard for the camera to read the scene, plus they don’t always have to be at sunset! Lets see how John Bouma with MaxNorman Pet Photography – Serving the South Florida Area got on!

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